Thrive Jersey

Improving the Jersey Community’s Quality of Life by Inspiring & Enabling Positive Change

Who We Are

What is Thrive Jersey?

We are a collective of community innovators, joined together to research and find solutions to social and environmental issues which drive low mood and mental ill health.

We launch and collaborate on projects to deliver the best joined up solutions and ensure we are going to make a difference to the community.

We work with the community, government, private and third sector to coordinate new projects on-island to make a positive impact and inspire change.

Thrive is registered with the Royal Court of Jersey as an Incorporated Association and operates as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO registered with the Jersey Financial Services Commission). Thrive is not a registered Charity.

Our Projects

Shaping the Local Community

Despite the incredible work being undertaken by the local community, there are still social and environmental issues across the island that need to be solved.

We aim to bring a fresh and innovative approach to solving issues. We collaborate to find the best solutions and ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

Our approach brings together the right people to solve key issues and provide smart solutions.

We understand a lot of social issues are connected and we aim to bridge the gap so we are looking holistically at all of the problems.


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